About Us

Many years ago, while still in the World of Education, we could not find a proper services nor a qualified person to help us to move to the world of work / to move towards our future! Thus we have decided to change this reality to a better one where we can, not only assists but also, empower the individuals to manage their careers! Accordingly we have decided to utilize the huge expertise we gained among the years, not only in Egypt but also Internationally, to make career development services are afforded by developing concepts; methodologies and instruments that empower young persons to be career counselors for themselves!

And we enable the organizations to provide the different career guidance and counseling services.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is

Young People are EMPOWERED to manage their careers for better life!

Our mission is

To develop tailored; innovative solutions and up to date approaches to be served with care, love, and experiences for the individuals; teams; and organizations.

Our Values are:


Global Network



Diversity Impact

Meet the Founder

Emad Helmy, MA

Emad is a co-founder and CEO of the Career Advisory Tools – International. Mr. Helmy is an Egyptian citizen that possess international prospect. He has real hands on experiences in the field of school to work Transition services, for example: career education; career coaching; employment and employability ; in addition to teacher training; leadership, project management). Emad’s experiences not only in Egypt, bit also in other countries. Mr. Helmy is a member at UNEVOC; NCDA and IAEVG

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