Emad Helmy

Read how experts endorse Emad’s competencies

Professor Ronald G. Sultana, PhD

Vice President Director, Euro-Mediterranean Center for Educational Research, University of Malta.

It has been my pleasure to work with Emad on issues related to career guidance as well as TEVT. Emad is very professional in his approach to work, is efficient and effective in handling responsibilities, while managing to remain pleasant and courteous under stress. He is highly respected among local and international colleagues for his ability to work in different cultural contexts, and is always open to learning and to developing his skills and competences. 

Prof. Gideon Arulmani

The International Career Guidance expert

I have known Emad Helmy since 2014 when I met him for the first time at a workshop for career guidance providers in Belgrade, Serbia.  During the workshop along with a colleague, he demonstrated an activity to the participants that drew upon simple everyday life, but at the same time communicated important career guidance messages. 

I met him again at a workshop organized by the International Labour Organization in Egypt that focused on developing a road map for career guidance in Egypt.  Emad was an active participant and contributed from his considerable experience of implementing career guidance services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  I also met Emad at the International Center for Career Development and Public Policy symposium held in Tromso, Norway at which he represented Egypt.  Here too, his contributions were substantial with reference to the MENA region.   I wish him the very best. 

Michaela Henn

An international career guidance consultant

Emad is the perfect partner for international development cooperation, particularly in the fields of career guidance and education (including VET). He is one of the rare Arab-speaking experts for post-Millennium Career Guidance approaches.

His extra-ordinary ‘people skills’ allow him to work in different cultural settings with all sorts of people and make him a fantastic trainer who ‘translates’ philosophical foundations and principles into the ‘words’ of ordinary people by developing images, games and metaphors that blend into the context on the levels of individuals, institutions and policy-makers alike. For me, Emad is a ‘bridge-builder’, a hands-on practitioner who knows how to link theory and practice, a teacher and learner at the same time, a good project manager and an extremely pleasant colleague to collaborate with … “

Prof. Rasha Sharaf, PhD

Vice Dean of EELU – Egypt

I have known Emad for more than fifteen years where he always surprises with his dedicated and professional work. He is very keen to learn and follow best practices. An unprecedented ability to join efforts, develop teams and motivate others

Mr. Ahmed Nabil, MBA

Executive Manager of El-Sewedy Technical Academy says:

As a representative for the industrial sector, I confirm that the career education curriculum that was developed by Mr. Helmy, is one of the best value added to the TVET system, after the dual system education